The Art of the Brick DC Super Heroes
Dc Super Heroes | FAQ
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Is this exhibition just for children?

No, this is an art exhibition which appeals to all ages. The artist happens to use Lego bricks as his medium to create works of art.

How do we get to the exhibition?

There are detailed instructions on the website, but it is located on London’ South Bank and the closest Underground station is Waterloo Station (3 minute walk to the venue). Click Here for more information

What if we arrive late/early?

Sales are for a specific time slot on the half hour. You may be admitted 15 minutes before or after this time slot depending upon how busy the exhibition is at the time. If you are later than 15 minutes you may be admitted if space allows but we cannot guarantee this due to capacity control.

Do I have to queue to collect tickets that were pre-purchased on-line?

No. The e-mail confirmation received enables you to go to the pre-paid section upon arrival for your ticket.

Are buggies allowed in the exhibition?

Buggies will not be allowed in the exhibition, but can be left in a designated area near the box office. These will be left at the owner’s own risk.

Is there a place to leave bags/coats?

There will be a cloakroom available where visitors can leave any items they do not wish to carry around with them in the exhibition.

How long will it take us to go through the exhibition?

The visit will take between an hour and 90 minutes to complete, and then finishes off with an interactive section.

How do I book a disabled access ticket?

These bookings need to be made directly with Art of the Brick: DC Super Heroes. They can be contacted on .

Where are the toilets?

There is a set of toilets, including disabled and a baby changing facility, these are located off  “The World of DC Comics” Gallery.

Can we take pictures/video inside the exhibition?

Yes, pictures and videos are allowed, and even encouraged to share via social media.

Do I need to provide ID for concession tickets?

Yes, proof of age will be required for certain concession tickets.

Why does my under-3 year old need a ticket when they attend for free?

The organisers need to know the numbers of people who are inside the exhibition at any one time for Health & Safety reasons.